Clocks and Tables

Eroka the Company: Specialise in making exclusive and unique Clocks and Tables, which are made of beautiful wood.  Our products are made in the shape of any Country, Island County, Local Borough, Family/Company Logo or Emblem desired. 

Eroka the People: A family run firm which is something we are extremely proud and passionate about. We all have a vested interest in the growth and development of our business. Our skills are tailor made to the success of this business. Hermon Green, Founder and Director is an established furniture maker and Marsha Green (niece) has a proven sales and account management track record with a number of blue chip companies.

Eroka’s History and Future: A furniture company based in the City of Birmingham. The firm, which started its business operation in June 1996, has a special connection to the Irish community. The Irish Centre in Digbeth, Birmingham and Kennedys in Wakefield has been our strongest and longest business relationship to date and have been the source of many Irish outlets we have throughout the UK.  Our aim is to spread further afield targeting 40 retail outlets initially and then onto the Internet to incorporate the worldwide market into our sales target.

Eroka’s Market: World clocks and tables are specialised products which are targeted at people who have a strong connection to their cultural background and wish to identify with a particular geographical environment, e.g. Place of birth location of honeymoon etc. Since the firm launched their products into the market, the main selling designs/geographical areas are;

IRELAND, AFRICA, JAMAICA, BRITISH ISLES & INDIA: The firm has manufactured for sale, a balanced spread of geographical areas, however we have found that to move the business forward we are now targeting specific markets, which we believe hold the same sense of history, we as a family and business hold.